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City Name Vatican City
Country Vatican City


The Vatican City is synonymous with being the spiritual center of the Roman Catholic church. The City is the home to Pope and seats the College of Cardinals. It is one of the most spiritual centers in the world. The Holy See is the true center of power of Roman Catholic church which dictates and manages the entire affairs.

Spiritual History

The city became a sovereign state in 1929 with the effect of Lateran Treaty. But the roots of Vatican can be traced back to the first century A.D. Through Renaissance, the Roman Catholic Church had peaked its political power. As a center of power of Catholic Church, Vatican holds a highly influential place in world politics and social system.

Travel Information

The city is famous for Spiritual,Artistics and architectural themes. The City is well connected with all parts of world through Rome. Travel to Vatican can be clubbed with a visit to Rome and you can find more information of that through various sites. Some of them are listed here

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