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City Name Tirunelveli
District Tirunelveli
State Tamil Nadu
Country India


Blessed by the waters of Thamirabarani River, the city of Tirunelveli is traditionally address as Nellai in the local language Tamil. The word Tirunelveli is derived from three Tamil words: thiru - Sacred, nel - Paddy and veli - Hedge, meaning "sacred paddy hedge"

The city is host to numerous temples, churches, and dargahs. The most prominent temple is the Nellaiappar Temple in the city center.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is towering church in the city. The Pottalpudur Dargha is known for its secular base which attracts devotees from all religions across

Spiritual History

The city was historically under the Pandya kings and acted was the second capital of their kingdoms. The Kings built the significant Nellaiappar temple. One of the largest temples in South India, this temple is dedicated to Shiva and hence the city is said to have a lot of Shiva worshippers. The entire district of Tirunelveli has villages worshipping various forms of Shiva in forms of Sudalai swamy (Village God)

Travel Information

  • Well connected to the state capital Chennai
  • Closest Airport in Tuticorin and Trivandrum

More information on travel and stay available in Wikitravel:http://wikitravel.org/en/Tirunelveli

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