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                                                 Our Vision 
                                     Spirituality to move humanity forward
                                                  Our Mission 
                         Progressive Spiritual Growth with Personalized Spiritual Guide                          

Seeker Central is an initiative to use Spirituality to move humanity forward.

In the 21st century most of humanity has a chance to live for 100 years and beyond. A 100 year life can be a boon or a bane to humanity. This extension of life comes with a series of change to our lifestyle, work options, family structure, social complications, technological onslaught and environmental changes.

The upcoming generation has to deal with these uncertainties clubbed with great possibilities. This generation that will take humanity beyond earth will also be the most stressed and anxious generation ever. They are the ones with the loudest voice asking the question “What is my purpose here ?”

The quest to find a purposeful, meaningful life starts with a strong spiritual base. A strong spiritual base helps a person anchor their life in this fast evolving journey.

                               Seeker Central is here to provide the right spiritual base

Our existing education system is at a precipice of breaking free from a century old system. We are here to ensure that a learning and exposure in early years and later includes developing a strong spiritual base.

We aim to be part of every individual's learning as they prepare for an exciting, moral, purposeful and ethical life.