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Prasanna Venkataramana Swamy Temple
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Category Details
Religious Category Hindu
Sub Category Vaishnava
Deity Lord Sri Venkateswara
Social Media
Primary Contact 918151238623
Secondary Contact
Area Chikka Thirupathi
City Chikka Thirupathi
District Kolar
State Karnataka
Pincode 563130
Country India
Center Timings
Open Hours - Morning 6:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Open Hours - Evening 12:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Facilities Available
Water Body Yes
Parking Facility Yes
Stay 40 kms from Bangalore and 15 Kms from Mallur where there is a railway station linking the city.Some hotels in Malur town are
  • Hotel Malleshwara Bhavan
  • Hotel Meena
  • Hotel Highway
  • Hotel Prakash
  • Hotel Darshan
  • Hotel Chaitra
  • Hotel Kalpavruksha
  • Hotel Siddalinga Bhavan
Tags / Keywords Tirupati, Lord Venkateshwara, Bangalore Tirupati, Tonsure, Bangalore SightSeeing, Kolar
Speciality Food
Online Donation Facility No

Popularly known as Chikka Tirupati, this 4000 year old temple is considered as an alternative to the famed Tirumala_Venkateswara_Temple temple in Andhra Pradesh. This temple is linked to the epic Mahabharata. It was build by Lord Agni.

Legend of the Temple Towards the end of Dwaparayuga, Lord Agni developed severe stomach ache due to the offerings from so many yagnas. He went to the Pandava brothers Arjuna, along with Krishna. They suggested that he engulf the Kandava forest which has many herbs that will help his stomach ache.

Lord Agni engulfed the entire forest while Arjuna and Krishna stood guard against others stopping this. Unfortunately Snake God Takhsaka was trapped in fire and injured. He cursed Lord Agni that he would loose his tejas (brightness). Lord Agni then on advice of Lord Shiva prayed to Lord Vishnu, who helped him get rid of the curse.

Lord Agni thankful to Lord Vishnu, built this temple.

Uniqueness of this Temple The unique feature of this temple is that the right hand of the lord is held in an upward mudra called "abhay hasta" while the hand of the Lord in Tirumala is in a downward mudra called "Vaikuntha hasta." At Chikka Tirupathi the lord is standing with his consort Sridevi and Bhudevi, and there are no separate shrine for Goddess Padmavati. This God is also known as Varadaraja.

Specialty of the Temple

  • Since this is considered as alternative to the main Tirumala_Venkateswara_Temple, head tonsuring is a common practice here
  • During Rathotsava a seventy-feet tall wooden chariot is made every year. Only other place to have a similar system is in Puri, Orissa

Profile Picture by : By Ssriram mt - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Major Festivals

Pictures of Prasanna Venkataramana Swamy Temple

Main Diety

Shree Prasanna Venkateswara

The Chariot

During Rathotsava

The Procession

Videos of Prasanna Venkataramana Swamy Temple

Courtesy : Naveen Bhaskar (YouTube)

Courtesy : TV9 (YouTube)