Introducing Seeker Central

Spirituality forms a fundamental pillar in every person’s life balance. Seeker Central is dedicated to the world to enable, organize and guide every individual’s spiritual progress.

Belongs to the World

Seeker Central belongs to the world. Hence everything on Seeker Central will always be available to everyone at any time. The content will be kept under Creative Commons licensing terms.

Celebrate all Spiritual Paths

The world philosophies on Spiritual paths popularly called as Religions is something that needs to be celebrated. Every individual is wired differently and hence everyone takes a different path their destination. These differences need to be celebrated.


Words from the Humble Doer

This is an initiative that is close to my heart. It is not another startup or an initiative where I found a need for the world. This is my Life Mission.

I believe that this is a mission that needs to be done to bring balance and progress in the right way to this world. This mission has been endowed upon me and I am just a vessel to get this off ground and execute.

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