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"Move humanity forward with Spirituality"

Seeker Central is an initiative to collect, organize and understand various spiritual information across the universe. We are starting this journey by crowd-sourcing spiritual information spread across various religions and spiritual beliefs.

Seeker Central is in the mission to 

  • Organize all spiritual data
  • Ensure spiritual information is available for use and re-use 
  • Unbiased coverage of all Spiritual Centers
  • Provide progressive Spiritual growth for any seeker
  • Personalized Spiritual Guide

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Spiritual Information Clusters

We have organized all information under 3 category

Spiritual Centers

Places of congregation and worship. energized, purified, revered and sacred.

Temple, Church, Mosque, Gurudwara, Meditation Centers, Synagogues, Bahá'í House, Shinto or any place of worship and energy.


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Spiritual Practices

Knowledge of Humanity is tightly embedded into the Religious philosophies. We want to catalog all the knowledge base of all major and minor religions.

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Spiritual Hotspots

There are cities across the globe that are teeming with spiritual energy and activities. These cities provide the right insight into a particular following/religion/ philosophy as it may. We envision creating an ideal city based spiritual itinerary for any visitor to take in. As a first step we are crowd sourcing as much data as we can.

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Explore Spiritual Centers

List of Spiritual Centers categorized into their corresponding faith

Hindu Temple


Places of congregation for Hindu's. Find temples near you and temples of specific deity 

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Spiritual Centers for Muslims. Find a Mosque near your or any mosque of specific sect.

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Spiritual Hot-Spots Cities


Place of congregation for Christians. Find a Church near you or any specific group of Church

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Explore Spiritual Philosophies

Understand the Origin, Ideology of any religious and non religious spiritual faiths


Understand one of the World's oldest religions by visiting their significant centers near you



See all the significant Churches listed here and learn more about the religion


World's fastest growing religion. Explore more about it here